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Finalists of CodeIT 2019

For 19th year we embraced the challenge and experienced the adventure thanks to the most brilliant minds - the finalists in the International Programming Contest CodeIT 2019, awarded on June 3rd.¬†ūüĎŹ¬†In the CodeIT 2018/2019 season we had participants from 17 countries.

Here are the finalists:
Global Rank list:

For the first year the competition has two winners - Martin Kopchev, (Gabrovo, Bulgaria) and Anthony Gospodinov (Yambol, Bulgaria) ;

3rd place - Aleksa Plavsic (Kragujevac, Serbia) ;
4th place - Dushko –ěbradovich (Sombor, Serbia) ;
5th place - Ivo Karagyozov (Varna, Bulgaria) ;
6th place -¬†–í–ł–ļ—ā–ĺ—Ä –ö–ĺ–∂—É—Ö–į—Ä–ĺ–≤¬†(Ruse, Bulgaria) ;
7th place - Victor Lucic (Sombor, Serbia) ;
8th place - Daniel Danailov (Yambol, Bulgaria)
9th place - Andrey Orap (Kremenchuk, Ukraine) ;
10th place - Roumen Mihov (Yambol, Bulgaria) ;
11th place - Andon Todorov (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria) ;
12th place - Slavi Georgiev (Ruse, Bulgaria)

Junior Rank list:

1st place - Yulian Slavchev (Sofia, Bulgaria) ;
2nd place - Krastan Draganov (Sofia, Bulgaria) ;
3rd place - Nemanja Majski (Sombor, Serbia) ;
4th place - Deniz Poturliev (Pleven, Bulgaria) ;
5th place - Atanas Dimitrov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Congratulations to all contestants! 

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