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Quarantine Early Bird Film Festival - Special Edition

We want to provoke the young filmmakers around the globe to react creatively to the extraordinary situation in the world today.

Early Bird 2020 Special Edition will accept films made in or inspired by quarantine.

  • Stay at home
  • Embrace the limitations and push the limits
  • Make a film and be part of Early Bird 2020 Special Edition

The Special Edition of Early Bird International Student Film Festival wants to preserve the different point of view of young filmmakers around the world about the rapidly changing life in the context of a pandemic. 

The Festival will accept films made in or inspired by quarantine, encouraging Bulgarian and international students to be creative despite the limitations of the four walls.

As the biggest Bulgarian forum dedicated to support the creation of student short films the Quarantine Edition of the Festival is provoking the young filmmakers to think „out of the box”, to use all kind of shooting techniques and means, to stay curious and resourceful behind the closed doors of their homes, to collaborate online.

The Special Edition will be open for submissions on 04th of May 2020.​

There is no entry fee. The prize fund of the festival is 4400 USD, divided into 11 categories.


    • Film should be filmed during quarantine or inspired by quarantine
    • The author should be a student
    • The accepted categories are fiction, documentary or animation
    • The accepted formats are avi, mov, mpg2 and mpg4 and the size of the file should be suitable for online screening
    • The duration should be up to 21 minutes
    • All films should have English subtitles
    • The film should be with clarified copyrights (especially music copyrights)

    Find out more at the Early Bird website. 

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