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The Gergana Children's Chorus

Gergana's mission is to provide free education to students from preschool to 18 years of age in Bulgarian language, music and culture through Bulgarian language, literature and history classes, choral and solo singing, acting, publishing free study materials, as well as other educational modalities. 

Bulgarian language, literature and history classes are taught according to Bulgarian Ministry of Education standards adapted to local specifics. 

Gergana works with the Bulgarian State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad, the American Foundation for Bulgaria in Boston, other Bulgarian educational and cultural organizations in New York, and liaises with Bulgarian and local media, local "ethnic" and other schools , educational and cultural organizations and programs in New York. 


Christo: Celebrating His Life and Artistic Projects​
Traveling museum exhibition from the AFB Christo Collection

June 01-30, 2022

July 20 - August 20, 2022

September 01-30, 2022

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