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Support for the National Olympic Teams in Natural Sciences

The Program "Support for Olympic Teams of Natural Sciences" has been active since 2004. 

To date, the American Foundation for Bulgaria supports the preparation and participation of the Bulgarian Olympic teams in mathematics at the International Mathematics Olympiad, the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad and the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad.

Under this program, from 2005 to 2010, AFB financed specific trainings, laboratory activities and specialized training in the scientific disciplines and the Bulgarian Olympic teams in astronomy, biology, informatics, linguistics, chemistry, physics and the team of young physicists. Every year, about 60 students take part in 15 international and traditional competitions, called olympiads.

In 2010, as a continuation of the program of the American Foundation for Bulgaria to finance the Olympic teams, the Natural Sciences’ Olympic Teams Association (SOOPN/ NSOTA) was established. Chairman of the Management Board of the Olympic Association is the Program Director of the Foundation, Alexey Hristov.


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