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Bulgarian Encyclopedia of Giving

American Foundation for Bulgaria is sponsoring the full three-volume edition of the “Philantrophy. Philantrophy funds and foundations in Bulgaria 1878 - 1951” encyclopedia.

The edition was made in partnership with the Bulgarian Donors Forum by a team from the Institute for Historical Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, edited and compiled by Prof. Veska Nikolova and Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Stoyanova.

The edition consists of three volumes. The first and second volume presented in alphabetical order information about individual donаторс who created funds and foundations in Bulgaria from the end of the XIX to the middle of XX century. In volume III are presented funds managed by public and private institutions. "Philanthropy" presents the donation history and traditions of the Тhird Bulgarian kingdom in more than 2000 articles.

During the Summer Scholarship Meetings, each year the scholarship holders of the American Foundation for Bulgaria present and translate in foreign languages the articles of the encyclopedia.