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The Art Supports Science Charity Exhibition

For 14 years the American Foundation for Bulgaria has supported some of the most talented children of Bulgaria with its largest program - Secondary Education Scholarships. For the applied arts scholarship, students apply with paintings on the themes "My idea of America" and "My vision of Bulgaria". Almost 50 of these works will be presented in the exhibition Art Supports Science of scholarship holders of American Foundation for Bulgaria from the art schools throughout the country. The exhibition can be seen from 02 to 12 October, 2018 in the gallery of the National High School of Applied Arts "St. Luca" in Sofia. It also has a charity element for the benefit of other talented students - those in natural sciences. Buying a picture from Art Supports Science will help young researchers.

Annually, over 60 students from all over the country represent Bulgaria at more than 15 of the largest International and Balkan Olympiads in Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Linguistics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and the medals they won are growing every year. For the participation and preparation for the prestigious competitions are the year-round work of students, teachers, professors and academicians.


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